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Girl with Karden

Kids with Flowers


Karden Gardens
Karden Gardens: Learn, giggle & grow Karden Gardens Returns to the Northern California Home & Landscape Expo 2017

Located in the Pavilion Building

No matter how big or small your backyard is right now, it probably has the potential to be one of your family's favorite hangout spots. You don't have to sacrifice style or aesthetics for a family-friendly backyard, either. Karden Gardens is returning to the Home & Landscape Expo to help encourage home-owners to create family-friendly gardens and landscapes.

Come play and learn with puppet-pal Karden and his creators authors and children's garden enthusiasts, Lisa Ely and Michael Glassman. Each day Karden and his garden team have created activities to help give families ideas to get outside and play. From planting a seed to touching a wiggling worm, the activities rotate daily and are designed for kids to get them excited about gardening.

On Friday, come "shake hands" with plants that can be used in a sensory garden. A variety of furry, smooth, smelly and interesting plants are waiting to excite your toddler's senses. There will also be color games, seed counting and garden games & stories with Karden. The last hour of the Expo children will be able to make a window seed sprout house.

A "Soil-a-bration" will be happening all day Saturday. Hands on experiments will include soil separating, making great soil, and becoming soil detectives. Kids will learn about soil and why it is so important to plants. They will closely observe soil and their hands will get dirty!

Sunday Karden celebrates plants with activities that show how they thrive and survive, called "Plants Alive!" Activities include, "Journey to the Center of the Seed," "Look Out for Leaves," leaf puzzles, and fashionable garden accessories.

In addition, some visitors will be randomly selected to create a Karden movie using all things grown in the garden. Visitors will see how quickly a child's imagination can run wild with items from the garden.

In addition, Karden will have on display his favorite ESPs (Extra Special Plants) to grow in family-friendly gardens. The plants have sensory qualities that encourage children to use their five senses and some that may inspire their imagination - from new and colorful annuals and perennials with pizzazz, to herbs, fruits and vegetables for the kitchen. Come look at plants that look, taste, feel, smell and sound fun and interesting plus other plants that "POP"...literally! Come see how some plants can become pre-historic play areas or painters' masterpieces.


Visit Karden Gardens any day of the Expo and vote for your school to receive a free garden class assembly for one grade level. Karden and his team will come to the school and teach about gardening!

The rules of this contest will be available soon.

Girl with Karden

Michael Glassman is a recognizable and sought after name in the world of landscape design, especially in the Greater Sacramento and Davis region. His expertise is unmatched when it comes to combining landscaping with kids.

Likewise, Lisa Ely is fast becoming a known "enthusiastic mom" in the mommy world and is gaining a loyal following to those who want to tap into her creative parenting brain. She has been referred to as the "Martha Stewart of Gardening."